Our team will guide your project every step of the way.

The secret to SMD’s success is that SMD is not only a great company for customers to work with, but also a great company for the employees to work for.

General Manager Gary Hamner said the mutual respect between the employees and owner Ted Davis has facilitated many prosperous years in business and the development of close working and personal relationships between team members. “It’s not a ‘family business’, but we are a family,” said Hamner, who has managed SMD for the past 11 years.

Many of our nearly 100 employees have worked for SMD for more than a decade; some have even worked for SMD since its inception in 1988. This demonstrates the team’s continued commitment to providing the highest-quality, most efficient electronics manufacturing to their valued customers.

Meet our team...

Ted Davis

Ted Davis, President and CEO

Ted Davis has spent his entire life in the manufacturing industry. After working as an engineer for a variety of big-name manufacturing corporations at the onset of his career, he founded Ted Davis Manufacturing in 1984. TDM manufactured voice coil motors and related magnetic assemblies for the disk drive market. He later sold Ted Davis Manufacturing to a division of Siemens Corporation in 1996.

In 1988, he founded Surface Mount Depot. This rework facility transformed into an actual manufacturer of circuit boards for a variety of industries including the energy market, HVAC, and industrial controls and automation customers in a variety of locations around the country.

Ted is also the owner of Ted Davis Enterprises, a custom metal fabrication shop and plating facility for many local manufacturers.

Ted has a passion for collecting and restoring rare automobiles and vintage race cars. He has a restoration shop located at his offices where he continues to build his collection. Ted has served on the Board of the St. Anthony Foundation and advises several other local groups.



Gary Hamner

Gary Hamner, General Manager

Gary Hamner has worked in a wide variety of different manufacturing industries throughout his career.  With his educational background in Industrial Engineering, he has experience in manufacturing of road construction equipment, oil field equipment, aerospace and defense equipment, disk drive fabrication and voice coil motors, metal stamping and metal plating, magnet manufacturing, and electronics manufacturing. Within each of these industries, Gary was instrumental in creating and/or operating contract manufacturing services for these different marketplaces in addition to holding various management positions.

Gary has worked for SMD for more than a decade, but has worked for Ted Davis for nearly 23 years. Gary worked for Ted Davis Manufacturing (TDM) in both OKC and Malaysia in the early 1990s. After Siemens Corporation acquired TDM; Gary worked for Siemens for 5 years, and later came to work for SMD in 2001.

Gary’s day-to-day responsibilities include: coordinating the entire SMD operation, directly overseeing the management team and program managers, the quality management system, and connecting with customers.

In his free time, Gary loves spending time with his four children and six grandchildren. Gary is also a sports fanatic who enjoys baseball, football, and basketball. Gary also plays tennis, is active in cycling and kayaking. 

Gary said he has worked for SMD for more than a decade because he feels it’s challenging and personally-fulfilling to work at a growing company. He said his personal relationship and respect for Ted Davis is another reason he loves working for SMD. Gary serves on the Board of Directors of the Central Oklahoma Manufacturers’ Association.



Zack Keas

Zack Keas, Sales Manager

Zack Keas started with SMD in 2002 as Sales Manager

Zack’s day-to-day responsibilities include finding new business, working with established clients, meeting with customers, highlighting SMD’s capabilities and providing prospective customers with quotes.

Zack is married with two children and in his free time is an avid runner that participates in marathons.






Jason Hammonds

Jason Hammonds, HR Manager and Controller

Jason Hammonds has worked at SMD since 2004. During his career, he has worked as Director of Finance for a national telecommunications construction company and for a mining and minerals management processing firm.

Jason wears many hats at SMD. His day-to-day responsibilities include managing financial operations, cost management and analysis and taxation, among other things.  Jason also acts as HR manager and handles payroll and all employee benefits.  In his free time, Jason enjoys traveling, snow skiing, and gardening.




Scotty Blass

Scotty Blass, Engineering Manager

Scotty Blass has more than 26 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry. 

Scotty has worked at SMD since 2005. Prior to SMD, Scotty started his career as a manufacturing engineer with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and has had the opportunity to work with other OEM’s and electronic contract manufacturers.  Working with these companies has given Scotty the opportunity to learn other areas of the electronic manufacturing business.  Scotty has been a Manufacturing Manager, Quality Manager, and Program Manager.

Scotty Blass serves as SMD’s Engineering Manager, but he also helps with the technical sales, purchasing and production direction.  His favorite job duties are the hands-on and team-oriented responsibilities.  Scotty enjoys working directly with the customers; whether it is an ongoing project or a new product transitioning into production.

Scotty is a single dad of a 20-year-old daughter. In his free time, he loves being outdoors and fishing.