Electronics design assistance and design for manufacturing (DFM) support

Design for manufacturing (DFM) is the engineering practice of designing products not only to function in their intended application, but also for ease of manufacturing. An engineer should take into account the method of production for his or herdesign prior to submitting the design to the manufacturer.

DFM Support is the practice of identifying potential manufacturing issues in a design before the product goes into production. The design is sometimes reviewed by the manufacturer and the manufacturer can suggest improvements to the design. If the manufacturability is improved at the initial  design stage, it is much easier than making cost-effective design improvements after the product has been released for production.   

SMD’s quarter century tradition of responsive customer service perfectly complements our DFM support services. Our engineers are just as committed to superior, detail-oriented service throughout the manufacturing process as our program managers. Let our engineers help you refine and perfect your design before it begins production. Contact SMD today to learn more about our design assistance and DFM support services. You can also request a quote here.